Neurotype and Reps at 80-85% 1RM

Salut Christian,

I’ve been following your Maximum Strength and Size program for 6 weeks now, and I was wondering something about the max reps on the big lifts and my (possible) neurotype :

On the third set of each of the big lifts, it indicates to do a max number of reps with 80 % (phase 1) and 85 % (phase 2). Is it normal that I can do 10-11 reps to failure at 80 % and 8-9 reps at 85 %? Does this say anything about my neurotype (if anything)?

I remember you saying in one of your video capsules that you once had an athlete that could do like 100 reps at 80% on the leg extension. Well, that’s kind of like me. I’m not explosive at all, and don’t do so well on VERY heavy weights/low reps, but I am quite efficient when the weight is moderate and can go for high reps.