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Neurotype and Macros

Is there a correlation between macro splits and neurotype? ie, Is there a “best” protein/carb/fat ratio for a type 3?
I’m around 20% bodyfat and I’m tracking meals for the first time. I’m 334 lbs right now and want to maybe drop to 315 by March or April. I’m currently doing “Built for Battle” plan with some modification for old injuries. (Natty).

Yes there is. Type 3 are those who will respond the worst neurologically to a very low carb approach. They should keep carbs at around 40% of daily caloric intake. Fat at around 20% and protein at around 40%.

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Thank you, sir. I’ll do that.

Coach (or anyone),
So, here 10 weeks later, I am down to 308. Roughly 25 lbs down in 10 weeks. I lost the weight a little too fast I believe.
I would like switch to maintenance for a while. Would you say add around 400-500 calories a day or so but stay with the same macros?