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Neurotype and Fat Distribution Patterns

Is there any correlation between neurotypes and fat distribution patterns?

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Not that I have seen. Fat distribution is mostly a matter of the ratio of alpha to beta-adrenergic receptors. More alpha-adrenergic receptors in a region makes it harder to lose fat from that region.

Hormones can play a SMALL to moderate role in SOME cases, but nowhere near what the Biosignature/Metabolic analytics system teaches,

Is there a way to change this alpha to beta receptor ratio or is it simply a genetic matter (or due to a previous unhealthy lifestyle) that cannot be altered?

Eventually it does come down to just losing the fat but I’m curious though.

For example it was long believed that burning fat locally isn’t possible because the body decides where it will strip fat first. Now there’s research from reputable sources debunking this notion and that local lipolysis is possible when strength exercises and cardio are strategically combined.

I believe you posted a killer of an article on thibarmy that explains how to effectively burn fat locally and pointing out as well that it only makes a clear difference if you’re already lean enough.

Thanks for the quick response. Something I was curious about and couldn’t find an answer on…

I don’t really think that you can change it. Local topical Yohimbe cream seems to be able to inhibit the alpha-receptors in the fat tissue where you apply it, but that is not a permanent thing.

Interesting, thank you CT.