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Neurotype 3 workout Routine for an Intermediate

Hi christian I’m a neurotype 3 and more prone to skinny fat body type when i mess with my diet. Wide hip and small arms. But I’m really explosive in my lower body ( CMJ - horizontal jump) I dropped legs training to just once a week years ago to let my upper body catch to lower body size . Total body routine don’t suite me at all as i will get really big legs and glutes and my upper body stay the same . Any suggestion for a hypertrophy routine 3 to 4 days per week. And is there any need to any conditioning work for a skinny fat body type. Thank you.

GVT is nearly perfect for a type 3. However, drop the antagonistic pairings, increase rest periods, and drop training days to three or four.

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Yes , i know but the problem with GVT is to squeeze the session into 3 workouts/ week. And the huge amount of volume and fatigue you get from the 10*10 . Especially on days of back and chest . And thats what Christian said in his article about neurotype 3 training:”For hypertrophy work they do better on a lower volume approach where a few work sets are taken close to technical failure but without going to the point where form breaks down. Two to 3 progressively harder warm-up sets and 1-2 work sets per exercise is best.”


Some things to consider.

CT’s thoughts on neurotyping have evolved. I think the neurotyping content on his thib army website is most up to date. There’s an entire blog entry on adapting GVT to the various neurotypes.

Consider frequency when comparing GVT to the approach you described. If I’m not mistaken, you’d generally hit a body part once a week with GVT. If you only worked up to a single hard work set per body part, you would need to hit that body part at least twice a week I think.

Don’t discount full body programs. You can always do fewer sets for your squat and hinge movements if you find you’re too bottom heavy. Charles Staley has some good full body content on this website.

Another option…

If you really want to drop lower body volume, consider dropping one of the 2 lower body days. I think Eric Bach also has a program with 2 uppers and 1 lower per week on this website.


Look on CT’s site. He gives 3 day split for gvt for type 3.

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Hi, mate. Fellow Type 3. Got anything solid after this discussion? If so please share.