Neurotype 3: Volume, Cortisol, and Overtraining

type3 - lowest inhibitory neurotransmitters so “no go” with intense neurological work. They can do a higher volume of muscular work, like 2b, to a certain point, but you need to manage their already naturally high cortisol production with the higher cortisol production from bodybuilding type workouts. So really, less volume and less intensity for type 3
If they produce a lot of cortisol and thus adrenaline, to fuel a bodybuilding type workout, how do they avoid overtraining?
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I’m already pissed off by this division into neurotypes, boy, if you are a type 3, do not leave the house at all, hide under the blanket and eat every 29 minutes to break up cortisol and adrenaline, God forbid go to the gym, only to pee there at most and do not look at the barbell so that you do not get stressed

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all people are the same, they have the same nervous system, they just like to pigeonhole themselves, this is the so-called stigma and therefore you start to deal with the role that has been given to you.
if you assume that you are type 3 you will start to act like him, if you assume you are type 2a or someone will tell you to act like him, this division does not make sense

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funny :upside_down_face:

This is a shortsighted way of thinking. Just because you can’t make sense of it right now, does not mean the neurotyping system doesn’t make sense. Yes, you are correct that people generally tend to portray personalities or follow the lifestyle of someone they admire. But it does not always play out the way they want it to.

Yes, we all have the same basic physiology but to assume that it works the same way for everyone is very black and white and completely neglects factors like genetic predisposition/differences and environmental influences.

Your environment and your upbringing shapes your personality. The way you deal with your environment, your upbringing and life in general is highly determined by your genetics.

For example, we all have a nervous system but there is a lot of variation in neurological efficiency between people.

Those who have a very efficient nervous system tend to do better under pressure, can cope with stress better, are more creative, have better memory retention etc. Those who do not have an efficient nervous system have a harder time performing well because they’re dealing with deficiencies on a genetic level.

Your genetics play a big role in the production of hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes and lots of other important proteins. Someone who cannot tolerate a lot of stress can feel bad or break under pressure a lot more easily than someone who can tolerate it. The difference is a shortage of or sufficient levels of these proteins responsible for coping with stress. Off course there are many many more factors involved but I do hope you get the picture by now.

Yes we all have a nervous system, GI tract, liver etc but how we act and react to everything in our lives is highly dependent on genetics and our genetics in turn determine how well all of these bodily systems function on a daily basis. That’s why you have so many different personalities with different performances, different desires, different recovery rates, different tolerances to training volume, stress, sleep etc.

Also don’t forget the neurotyping system is a means to better adapt your training protocol to your own neurological profile. It is by no means a dogma that you need to follow to the T. If you do, that’s your choice.

If the system frustrates you, then simply do not adhere to it. Don’t go and generalize things, say it is flawed just because you’re intimidated by its complexity. People do not only pigeonhole themselves as you say, they also tend to follow the things they believe in and reject what they can’t understand either due to intimidation or frustration.


Just like we all have brains and some have higher IQs than other.

We all have a skeleton but some are taller than others.

We all have muscles but some have more fast-twitch fibers than others or some can build muscle more easily than others

We all have eyes but some have blue eyes, other brown


Everyone is genetically different and that is true for personality too. YES, experience and social upbringing plays a role but a huge part of behavior is the ratio of each neurotransmitter and the sensitivity of each system.


thank you for the reply coach,
but what about neurotype,volume,cortisol and overtraining.
are type 3/ 2b suited for HD/HIT workouts ? or low intensity not to failure,high frequency,pump is better ?

for me it is absurd, for example, that 2b tolerates lactic acid better than, for example, 1b, where does it come from, 2b have a third eye? were they fed lactic acid instead of mother’s milk?
because I, for example, as this 1b hate this feeling and always, for example, running the beep test, I lost by smoking in fours.
why is this so?

It has to do with the natural ratio of fast-twitch fibers in 1Bs, which are mostly glycolytic so they produce more lactic acid, which is the by-product of utilizing glucose for fuel. Type 2Bs tend to have a higher ratio of hybrid fibers (MHC I/IIA) which allows them to be more efficient in the lactate zone of work.

The level of acetylcholine also plays a role as well as the type 2B’s psychological tendency to love physiological feedback that “tells them” that they are working hard.

But if you are so against it, why are you posting on my forum?


forgive me that I started to comment so aggressively and deny what you were doing, but it was just my strategy for you to finally respond to what I write.
I really respect you as a trainer and I admire this system that you created because unlike other personality systems, this one has some basis in the form of neurotransmitters.
please don’t hold a grudge

but for example I am 1b, but I am slow twitch, and just this lactic acid feeling is the worst there is, I’ve always wondered how anyone might like this feeling when you pump your biceps I’m talking about the feeling and not what you see in the mirror …

It’s a very bad strategy. There is only one thing that pisses me off and it is lack of respect. And your comments about my work were disrespectful. I will not answer your questions.


somehow I will survive it
but pay attention to what I wrote in the second comment.
I really respect you as a trainer, I love your commitment because I can see that you put your heart into it and this system is really great, for example in terms of management, training and eating.
I am a bit surprised that as an adult guy you are indignant that the comments were a bit offensive.
and in order to be offended by words and comments, you have to be really disturbing in your head and I will not change my mind.

Dude you blew it. You were rude and basically just disrespectful for attention. And you’re still being rude. You’re like one of those r/niceguys

sorry, I really did not mean to offend anyone, but to offend the words?

You’ve made some very poor decisions here, from trolling for attention to doubling down afterwards. Have a time-out, go grab a smoke and your daily Big Mac, and then reconsider your “strategy”.


the boy who smoke cigarrets and eat MCDONALD 1 x a day as his only meal is talking :slight_smile:

@bigmax and now he’s in timeout :rofl:
Dude joined January 21…gotta be a record!!

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