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Neurotype 3 Program, Benching 3x/Wk, Front Deltoid Pain

During and after bench presses and flyes my right front deltoid hurts. How can i fix my problem? Is a swiss bar a good idea ?
I am in the Neurotype 3 program. There are 3 Bench press days a week.
Iam no newbie. I’m in the iron game almost 25 years.
I really need good ideas.

Sorry to hear that

How do you warm up try doing some band pull aparts band dislocations and some face pulls to warm up your shoulders to be ready for pressing and check your form also keep shoulders back and down

Hope you feel better soon

I will give that a try.
Thank you for your help.

Take a look at this.

(I’m gonna change my screen name to biceptendonitisdude)

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Good share. I was actually gonna comment that it was likely biceps tendon related, not the shoulder itself.

Thank you very much. I think you are right with biceps tendonitis. When i put my massage gun on the biceps, i feel that the pain comes from there , and goes till my front delt.
Which chest exercise should i do instead of bench presses?
I have the problem almost a year now.
Like i said i have problems with bench presses, db flyes or band flyes,and with push ups.
With biceps curls or any other exercises i have no problem.
Nice greetings from Austria.

Do a couple of sets of those Incline DB curls before benching and see if it goes away before you change anything.

Should i do the incline curls on every training day?
What do you think?At which intensity should i curl?
Questions over questions.
You’re tip is a really game changer for me.
Thanks in advance.

Don’t think so much as working your biceps, you just need to warm them up and stretch them out. Use the form Jordan shows in the video. Shoulders back, arms back. I only use 15 lb DBs for this. 2-3 sets of 15 reps. It’s works the biceps a little, but the point is to prepare them for the pressing.
Yes, you can do this every workout and it won’t mess anything up. It’s very little volume.

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Thank you very much for the advice bighdx👍

How’s the program coming? I’m a Type 3 and just bought the program last night. After this off week I’ll be starting next week.

try shoulder mobility before workout and try Matt Wenning warm ups /couple sets of 25reps/ . also i think type3 with 3 benchpress days is a lot of frequency :slight_smile: