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Neurotype 3 Primary, Secondary 1A. Programming Question


Huge fan of your articles, love that you take into account individual differences. I am a psych nerd by schooling. I have taken your neuro type test and purchased some workouts as well, the results of my test are Type 3 116, 1A 60, 2A/2B 50, 1B 48. I feel like this is very decisive ha.

More about me I am 37 6ft1 245 natural not fat got some abs ha but not shredded and I have a lot of similarities with an individual with high functioning Asperger’s. Training has always been away for me to deal with everything. In doing so I have gotten fairly strong in the big 3. My Squat EDM: 495, Deadlift EDM: 525 Bench EDM: 405.

My question to you is about programming based off my neurotype. I have really gotten into higher frequency and minimalism(training economy) as far as training goes. I need to focus on one or two things. I usually will ramp up and then do some back off sets. I will roughly work up to 105% to 110% for a single then onto to my working sets. Then finish off depending on the day with pull ups or tire slams. However, lately I have been pushing my self to hard past 90 to 95% and I think now I should focus on strength skill work.

With that being said I am a huge fan of your two exercise workout . I have recently been doing zercher squats more and back squats and deadlifting less just to give my body and brain a break. However, I don’t want to add anymore size so higher reps don’t want to be my focus either. I just want to lean up a bit maintain my strength build more if possible. I believe I am at my genetic limit however .

I know you hate changes to your workouts so I hate to ask, is there anyway you think some one with my neuro type could do a hft workout focusing on strength skill with Zercher squats and Bench press? With the occasional Back squat and deadlift incorporated? Basically my limit is to hyper focus on 1 to 2 strength exercises and then possibly some quick body-weight stuff. any insights would be much welcomed.

ps I lift at home I have rack a bench, barbells and a landmine station and attachment.

have a good weekend