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Neurotype 3 Periodization

hello CT, I am a neurotype 3 boy with some traits of strong ambition (I have always aimed to be the number 1 in what I have dedicated myself to: I have gained access to the most prestigious European universities, I am the first in the class ever and I am specializing to become a cardiac surgeon) I am in constant competition with myself, while I am not interested in the results or judgment of others, I prefer to spend time alone to improve myself than with others, while not despising social life. I have been training for a few years now and to think about my most successful periods (bodybuilding) were the periods in which my workouts were at very high volume and the muscle fallume was caused by the accumulated fatigue. (GVT, 6x6 and 8x8 gironde style) while they were not so good, good periods in which I trained with the sole purpose of becoming stronger (even if in the rep range 8-15).

You coach provide the gvt as an ideal training example of a neurotype 3, but I was wondering how you could periodise your training.

I’m not Christian, but he wrote " POPULAR TRAINING SYSTEMS ADAPTED TO NEUROTYPE – PART 1: GERMAN VOLUME TRAINING" on Thibarmy a few years ago:

Neurotype 3 can pretty much do GVT as written.

I see but you could for like… 6 weeks. And then?