Neurotype 3: High Acetylcholine? Role of Epinephrine?

hi, coach
wondering how often is possibility ( like me) Neurotype 3 with high acetylcholine ( need for exercise variation ) ?
and what role play Epinephrine (also known as adrenaline in Type 3 persons ?
thank you

Type 3 have the following genetic traits:

  1. Slow COMT enzyme. This means that they are very bad at breaking down adrenaline. This means that when they release it. This is why they easily get anxious, overthink everything (adrenaline speeds the brain up) and can have problems sleeping.

  2. Are poor methylators. Down the line, this leads to lower serotonin and acetylcholine levels.

You mention that you have high acetylcholine. Maybe… I would think it is more likely moderate than high. Very rarely will you see a true type 3 with high acetylcholine.

The need for variation is interesting, and makes me doubt that you are a type 3. Because the need for variation normally comes with at least moderate acetylcholine and moderate serotonin, both being low in a normal type 3.

In fact, the need for variation is literally the opposite of a type 3.

Are you like that in “real life” or just in the gym?

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in the gym mostly …get bored with same workout and same program.
thank you , merry christmas !

What do you suggest to do with my need for variation - high frequency /low volume/ or low frequency /more volume / GVT type training ?
thank you

Wow, could you be even less precise? I mean. This has been posted a year ago. I don’t remember anything about you. Please ask me a specific question. With enough information for me to answer. And I will NOT go back and read old thread, I just don’t have the time.

ok. thank you
have nice day

I would like to add something about the type 3 here.
I recognize myself as one. 100 %. And other people I know to.
Yet, and this is purely annecdotally, I feel like I’m more of a “grinder”.
That souns like braggin’. But I mean “not explosive”. Both in the gym and in life.
Other people, also type 3, seem to “work smart, not hard.” Where as I just need to work hard.

I understand coach TC clearly states that type 3 is just one group.
Although somehow, and I must be flat out wrong here, I just feel like there should be such thing as a 3A and 3B.

I’m not trying to prove my right over coach TC. Who I think is brilliant.
I think the whole neurotyping system is a gift from heaven.
I just seek to understand better… what I’m still seem to be not seeing here.