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Neurotype 3 and 1B

Hello, I discovered your neurotype test last week. test I did and here are the results.
Type 1A Type 1B Type 2A Type 2B Type 3
Sous-total “Principal” 11 3 30 15 28
Sous-total “Secondaire” 26 38 2 32 34
Sous-total “Autre” 16 30 35 24 27
Total 53 71 67 71 89

I would have a dominant type 3 and a secondary type 1b. However apart from the fact that I usually schedule my sessions month by month, I do not recognize myself in type 3, but rather in type 1b and 2b in terms of my training habits (variation and sensation). In terms of nutrition, it is true that I worry about sugar which gives me a big feeling of fatigue after consumption and which I am addicted to. I would add sleep and weight problems. Thank you in advance for the interest in this post.

Hello Greg,

Do you recognize your self in 2A profile ?

if being a type 2a is trying everything but only for a while, then yes I recognize myself in type 2a

I would say that this is a type 2A.

Thanx for your reply, I have the answers to my questions.
Have a nice day.