Neurotype 2B with Limited Time for Training

Hi Christian! I am new here. I get my results for the neurotype test. As you can see below I am a 2b. I knew it even before I completed the test.

My problem is that a can’t lift 5-6 times a week as you recommend for 2b type.

I am an accountant and my time is limited. I can train 3 times a week.

Right now I am training with a push, pull, legs split. The thing is that I like high volume training. For instance for my pull workout I have almost 25 total sets. Recovering for me is easy. I lift for almost 2 years. I am 32 years old. So I am still a beginner. When I am training I like to feel the burn and the pump. Otherwise a workout is bad and unsuccessful for me. If I feel a muscle group don’t work right in a given workout or I can’t feel it, I add more exercise or more volume in general.

Saying more volume I don’t mean only more sets. Maybe I will add exercises or dropsets, rest pauses , etc.
I like rep ranges from 6 to 12 for upper body and 8 to 20 for lower body. Also I don’t like some exercises like squat and deadlift. I don’t care about strength either. All I want is hypertrophy.
I know that progressive overload is important. I apply this principle too.

So how I can optimize my training with only 3 times of training as a 2b? Any suggestions? Let me give you an example on how a pull workout looks like.

Barbell row 4x 6-8 (last set with rest pause method, 2 micro sets)
Wide grip pulldown followed by Supinated grip pulldown 3x 8-12
Low cable row 3x 8-12 (last set double dropset)
Dumbbell shrugs followed by Dumbbell upright row 3x 8-12
Cable biceps curls 4x 8-12 (1 half rep and 1 full rep on first two sets)
Incline dumbbell curls 3x 8-12
Seated hammer curls 3x 8-12

As you can see a lot of volume. 23 working sets…

Hello again! Any suggestion - opinion?

I would suggest you trim down your original post into a succinct question and you’ll be more likely get a response.

If natural, and also a beginner, training a muscle group one time per week would not make you use your maximum capacity to build muscle. If you can only train 3 times per week, i would suggest 3 whole body workouts but switching the emphasis on each of them. For example , Monday start with legs, Wednesday start with back, Friday start with chest/shoulders.

And rotate the neurological difficulty of the exercises:


Legs - compound
Back - machines
Chest - isolation


Back - compound
Chest - machines
Legs - isolation


And arms you can add one (maybe 2, if they are lagging) exercises at the end of your workout, because they do get worked by doing compound and machine exercises.

Hope this helps.


The question is simple. How to train 3 times a week as a 2b, with high volume (that I like) and intensity techniques? Is it optimal for a natty and also a beginner?

Thank you! What if I don’t like full body workouts? The thing about frequency and natural though… Is really matters on the long term? A lot of information on this subject…
I saw some Christian’s videos on YouTube that talking about volume and frequency.
Like this one… Too much volume - YouTube

He is says that more volume is not the answer. More frequency is the answer, but 2b needs more volume and he suggests classic bb splits for 2b type…

If you use for example 5x5 for the back squat, 2 exercises 4 sets each for the back, 2 exercises for pecks/shoulders for 3 sets and 1 for the arms 3 sets, that’s 21 sets per workout, I would say that is high volume.

It matters, yes. Especially with natural athlete, and with a beginner. MPS (protein synthesis) is elevated for around 24-36 hours after a workout, so if you train your muscles one time per week, you lose a lot of time where you could be growing instead.

I would say that 2 times per week is a ‘‘normal’’ frequency for a natural, even minimal for optimal growth. Everything more than that would be categorized as high frequency (3,4,5x wk), and just then would you lower the volume per session because very high amount of sets per week per muscle group is sustainable, but for a very short period of time and in regards to cutting down the volume on other muscle groups (Schoenfeld 40 sets per week study).

Your not liking the whole body sessions, that is typical answer for a 2B. I can say that i know some things in regards to neurotyping system by @Christian_Thibaudeau, but i am pretty new in it so i don’t have any specific recommendations for 2b’s, except i would use different methods for fatiguing the muscle in a workout (pre-post fatigue, drop sets, rest pause, max hold at the end, hold at beginning, agonist supersets…)

This would be my general advice, with taking your situation (3x wk training) and making it work. One more thing about BB splits, it works for (highly) advanced natural athletes, which must use ton more stimulation per workout to get even a little response, so they are forced to train the muscle every 5-7 days.

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Thank you so much!

I will think about it! 3 times a week full body workouts…
Maybe I will post a workout plan to get some opinions and suggestions.

It is a honor to help Captain America


Haha! I am a huge marvel fan and captain is my favourite hero… Thanks man!

I read this article: The Best Damn High Volume Workout Plan for Natties and I think it’s perfect for my situation.

Frequency and volume. I think I will stick with that for a while! I also think it’s great for 2b neurotype.
What do you think guys?

Yes, definitely agree that it suites you perfectly. Be sure to post about your progress here

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