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Neurotype 2B and 3

	                        TYPE 1A	TYPE 1B	TYPE 2A	TYPE 2B	TYPE 3

Sous-totaux “Principaux” 10 0 54 60 50
Sous-totaux “Secondaires” 24 48 6 30 40
Sous-totaux “Autres” 22 18 16 31 31
TOTAL 56 66 76 121 121

Hello CT,
I received the results of my neurotype and tied for 2B and 3. I feel I am 100% type 3 physically from descriptions I have read in your articles. My question is:
Is it possible to be one neurotype physically and another socially/emotionally?

Can’t understand the scores you posted. What do you mean by “physically” … body type?

Sous-totaux “Principaux” 10 0 54 60 50
Sous-totaux “Secondaires” 24 48 6 30 40
Sous-totaux “Autres” 22 18 16 31 31
TOTAL 56 66 76 121 121

I’m not sure why the scores didn’t show up the first time. I hope this is better.

Yeah ok, missed it. What you do mean by being 100% type 3 “physically”?

What I mean is when you describe type 3 people as not being the best at sports and feeling heavy weight more in their joints and tendons as opposed to in their muscles as well as not doing good with explosive exercises. I believe that fits me very well. However I own my own business and consider myself good at making decisions, navigating social situations and being in a leadership role which does not seem to fall into the type III Neurotype.

Well there plenty of type 3 who are businessmen. And they are good at making decisions based on the evaluation of all the facts. They are pragmatic and detail-oriented so the decisions they make are normally solid ones. They might take a bit more time at taking decisions than a 1A or 1B because they are analytic and are more conservative with decision making.

Navigating social situaitons might be your 2B side that comes out.

The leadership role could simply be that you are an “intellectual leader”. Meaning that because you are good at analyzing facrs and data and are detail oriented and structure, you are effective a having a team do the right tasks. And because you hate bad surprises and hate it when you feel out of control (type 3 traits) being the leader is a way to feel more secure because you are in control of the variables.

A 1A wants to be the leader (or, more precisely, the boss) because he doesn’t deal well with authority and needs to be at the center of everything.

A type 3 might want to be the leader but not to put himself above others but as a way to make sure that things dont get out of hand (type 3 don’t like unexpected problems, issues or changes). Basically a type 3 can want to be the leader to avoid being on board of a sinking ship. He prefers to stear the ship to avoid any possible obstacle.

Diagnostically speaking I would say that you are a type 3 BUT because of stress and maybe nutrition your glutamate accumulated over time (stress reduces glutamate conversion to GABA, so glutamate accumulate and if you drink lots of commercial coffee, have frozen meals and fast foods often many of these have added glutamate either in the form of MSG or its precursor L-glutamic acid).

Glutamate is the emotional emplyfier so it can make 2B traits come out (e.g. empathy, desire to help others, needing to be liked or loved, etc.).

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my questions. I will be reading up on type 3 and look forward to tailoring my training and nutrition to this new information.