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Neurotype 2B & 3, How Tall/Long Limb Persons Train for Strength?

hi,coach CT
im type 2B but sometime feel like type 3.
confusing is that im like to train heavy and frequently . i know this is not optimal with my profile and recovery state,
any sugestion how to do structure training programs to avoid overtraining / mostly CNS burn out/ thank you

Well, my type 3 program on Thibarmy is a periodized program going toward maximum strength development.

I think that Type 3 can train for strength, but using a submaximal/strength-skill approach. Using few exercises. Another good example is Doug Hepburn’s plans. Doug was certainly a type 3 from all I’ve read about him and he gravitated toward a training style that was pretty good for a type 3 interested in strength.

Mark Rippetoe’s starting strength approach and even 5/3/1 would work well too. I especially like the submaximal weight setting used by 5/3/1


thank you coach.
i was used 5/3/1 in the past with good results , but my recovery still can;t handle after 2-3 months .

well, which version were you using? Because burning out on such a minimalist plan is either due to doing too much assistance work or pushing that max out set too hard.


Boring but Big

Yeah, that might be too much volume, but don’t underestimate the impact that something that is too repetitive can have on motivation, which can also impact neurological fatigue

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now im perform my own program something like that :
1 set to failure , 1-2 basic exercises per sesion / couple warm ups sets/ , training 6 days per week
very short workouts , but is enjoyable and not neuro draining .
i’d like to hear your feedback to this.
thank you and merry christmas