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Neurotype 2B/1A - Pretty Even Spread Across Types 1 & 2

Just completed the neurotyping test. I had suspected that I am high glutamate due to my anxiety.

What I am curious about is the spread here – should I consider any of the other results beyond the 1A secondary?

2B 36%
1A 29%
2A 29%
1B 26%
3 25%

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure having balanced results means you’re a 2A.

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Yeah, that is a pretty clear 2A profile. 2As are the only ones who can score pretty much the same in 3 categories or more.

in type 2A, are 2A"passionate" more like 1A and 2A"actor" more like 1B?

Well, the 2A actor is closer to a 1B yes. The 2A passionate will be similar to a 1A under high adrenaline situations where he is comfortable (like me during seminars) and more like a 2B when he is not comfortable or not under high adrenaline.

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yes, I’m 2A Passionate like you and I always feel stupid and lazy when I eating too many carbs at a time. Now, I mostly only eat carbs around training and at night. I live in Vietnam, we eat a lot of carbs all day long. My life has changed positively since I got to know you and your Neurotype Systems, thank you very much, great coach. Congratulations to your family with a new little princess.