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Neurotype 2A Techniques to Accentuate the Good and Minimize the Bad

I’ve taken the Neurotyping test multiple times and I am always a 2A. I noticed that when I’m stressed, my 2B scores are much higher and when I’m feeling good, my 1A scores are through the roof. Although, I’m always a 2A.

To anyone else in the same boat, what are some strategies you utilize to stay on the 1A side of the spectrum?

My personality is that when it’s time to perform, adrenaline turns me into a monster version of myself. However, during all those in-between times, anxiety takes hold. There must be strategies to maintaining an ice cold, don’t stress, stay-focused demeanor.

Don’t allow yourself to get so keyed up during your High times. If you whip yourself into a frenzy to feel Great you’ll have to spend longer in an anxious state while you recover.

Don’t use stimulants before training. Don’t listen to your favorite, super hype music when you lift. You already love the work and will be excited enough just to be in the gym without driving yourself berserk.

Don’t train yourself into the ground. Work hard enough, but save a little for next time. If you go balls out week 1, you’ll have to go to level 11 week two. Keep a lid on things so you can train for awhile without overwhelming system.

Figure out what sort of training or work Neurologically taxes you the most, and use that stuff sparingly. Full Body workouts, giant sets with lots of different moves linked together and even agonist/antagonist super sets get me worked up quick. Split routines, straight sets and a brief rest between lifts let me stay in the Optimal Zone a little longer.


Great suggestions from @FlatsFarmer.

In addition I’d like to suggest deep breathing in between sets. This helps to calm down the nervous system and can prevent neurological overstimulation because your adrenaline levels are increasing too fast. 2A’s have fast COMT so under normal circumstances it would not be an issue for them to clear out adrenaline on time.

When you psyche yourself up for a big lift, you increase adrenaline production even more. When you’re feeling good, that’s not an issue, so long as you don’t do it on every lift. Pick one and go easier on the rest.

When you’re stressed however, adrenaline production is already higher and your b11 (5-MTHF is the bioavailable form) and b12 reserves get used up real quick. Both these vitamins alongside magnesium are crucial for fast COMT production and dislocating adrenaline from the betadrenergic receptors. So you need to be careful here and observe the body cues you get from being stressed out. Use heavy neurological work more sparingly, use deep breaths in between sets and take longer rest periods on big lifts. Basically train like a bodybuilder but with slightly increased rest periods.

Now, it’s normal for your nervous system to be more active during the entire workout. Don’t worry about that. When you start to feel really anxious though, that is a problem and it might be an indication that you can’t produce enough fast COMT enzymes to clear out all that extra adrenaline in time. Taking 400mcg of 5-MTHF (bound to glucosamine salts for better absorption, look for the trade name quatrefolic) alongside 1-2 dropperfuls of liquid b12 (80% methylcobalamin and 20% adenosylcobalamin in 1000- 2500 mcg doses total per dropperful) might offer you greater relief in your stressful periods as it supports fast COMT production and indirectly protects your serotonin and GABA reserves.

But the main point is to not overdo it and pull back in time.

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