Neurotype 2A Program - Mon/Fri Weights?

Hi Coach So I’m gonna start your program, and just to know if you would have a guideline to which weight to use on mondays and friday? I was thinking trying around 70% and 80%? Or something like a weight that I could bang 10 solid reps for mondays and 5 for fridays?

Also for cluster pull-up, should I stay hanging between reps or can I go back on the floor?

Thank you!

With clusters you MUST deload between reps… that’s how clusters work. If you keep hanging your are losing the benefit of the pause.

Roughly what you could do 10 reps with on monday and 6 on thursday (better to be conservative since you must maintain the weight while adding reps every week). So yeah, 70 and 80% is about right for most

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Yeah thank you I’ll start conservatively since I usually have trouble with 5+ reps when using percentages.