Neurotype 2A or 1A?

Hi Chris.

I recently have done the neurotyping test, and I really am between 2A and 1A. Could you tell me a bit more about that?

I really think the two would perfectly describe me, in term of personnality, training needs etc… and I would like to know if you can give me a little more details about neurotransmitters.

In term of trainings (ancient international level Powerlifter), I really am the guy that can jump to a 200kgs+ back squat without any warm-up and perform well without any issues or discomfort.

I really have a very good nervous system in term of intensity (from zero to 110% in only a few sets), but even after a single heavy set, I am totally drainee and can not do anything else in the session.

For exemple, I remember when preparing for a big meet, I would only do a single heavy set of squats, 2 sets of core work, then go back home because my eyes will almost close immediatly after this single set (and progress really well). And even as being a powerlifter, I would just add deadlifts 2-4 weeks before the meet because it is too draining and would negatively impact my trainings of the week.

At the same time, I really NEED variety when training, whether it comes from rep ranges, % of work, methods or exercise choices. What comforts me with the 2A approach too. It even makes sense personnality wise as I really am a « social cameleon » as you say.

I also work really well under pressure. Basically, the more adrenaline / stress I have, the best I am (I actually even look after it and will do everything I can to increase it in competition).

Thank you in advance :pray:t2: