Neurotype 1B Rep Style?

Christian, regarding the neurotype 1b, or fast-twitch dominant type lifters, what tempo do you recommend for main “heavy” lifts, and for isolation lifts? I see your recommendations for maximum explosiveness and acceleration on the concentric portion of big lifts, but what about the pace of the eccentric? Do you recommend changing the tempo on isolation moves, or keeping the same with the main heavy moves?

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Just control the weight down, no need to slow it down like 4-5’’ because the weight used is on the low end of eccentric potential and it will recruit type I fibers, and you don’t want that.

So like 1-2’’ down, and use the ‘‘bounce’’, stretch reflex if you are ‘‘fast twitch’’ or type 1B.

You can try a cycle here and there with slower tempo’s on both compound or isolation movements, but it should not be the bulk of your program, just a sprinkle of variation here and there to keep training interesting.

Hope this helps

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That is exactly correct. Control 3/4 of the range of motion during the eccentric and on the last 1/4th speed up to catch the stretch reflex while still maintaining proper position and tension.

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Thank you for this! Loving your content.

Would you recommend the same tempo on isolation lifts?

Thank you!

what is optimal number of sets per muscle for each workout ?
is training to failure or not ? / with strech reflex type sets is bit dangereus going to failure/