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Neurotype 1B Program: What is a "1pp" Rep?

I have your Neurotype 1B program. Not sure where to ask this question, but can anyone please explain what 5 pp or 3 pp or 1 pp means within the context of the following… “5 pp to 5RM, 3 pp to 3RM”, etc. Thanks!

Push press?? Guessing.

1 b whit the same program and i have the same question, it’s in the deload week

It’s a type-o. It states RAMP, 5 up to 5RM… 3 up to 3RM etc.

I guess a human error or mistake, but it means that you do only that amount of reps (per set) until you reach your 5RM, 3RM or any RM that is written.

Hope you have a great progress following this program, it sure is fun.

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Thanks, but I understand how to do a ramp, and since the 5 pp, 3 pp and 1 pp is written only in the deload week, I need to make sure that I understand what Coach Thib’s is instructing.

It was only a typo, sorry

Hey, no worries! Thanks for clearing that up for me, and as always, thanks for the fantastic work ethic. Haha… Coach Thibs rocks!! :+1: