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Neurotype 1B and 2A: Motivation, Protein and Dehydration

Hello Coach
Really love your work . Its life changing for me by getting knowledge from you. I have some doubts regarding Neurotype 1B and 2A
1.) Why is 1B also driven to pressure situation even though they are not adrenaline driven
2.) If both 2A and 1B are driven to pressure situations then why is 1b motivated at rest but 2a lazy during rest
3.) it is really so true that 2a can efficiently read other people but what make them able to read others
4.) one final one, i am 1b, when i eat protein rich meal i usually get dehydrated leaving me thirsty and lethargic so should i eat protein before workout

Actually 1Bs and 2As are fairly similar in sensitivity to adrenaline. I realized that when we did genetic testing and both 1Bs and 2As have the fast COMT gene, meaning that they break down adrenaline super fast… this makes their receptors more sensitive to it.

BTW, “pleasure” is a matter of dopamine, not adrenaline.

Both can be lazy at rest because both will have low adrenaline at rest. The main difference is that the 1B is also dopamine sensitive whereas the 2As is much less.

And again, “pleasure” is dopamine, not adrenaline.

It’s explained in my online course and seminars. Basically it comes from their lower level of self-esteem.

2As have low self-esteem, meaning that ever since they were born they needed to know that people liked them (they are people pleasers) AND that they act the way others want them to act.

To do that they grew up being able to read people, to know if they are being liked, hated, etc. It’s a skill that was developed starting in childhood, from the eat to get along with everybody and know if they acted the proper way to fit in.

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You can’t get dehydrated in 15 minutes. Dehydration comes from peeing or sweating. If you drink a protein shake or eat protein 15-30 minutes (or even more) before a workout you don’t have time to pee or sweat enough to become dehydrated.

But simple solution, ingest more sodium with your protein. And be sure to drink throughout the day.

And 2As are not driven by pleasure. They are driven by the need to be liked and respected.

Thank you very much for replying means a lot for me.

Absolument , j’ai grandi comme çà .
Toujours étonnant votre travail , coach , c’est vraiment un travail de recherches et d’expériences pointus .Un régal pour ceux qui aiment la science de l’entraînement et les avancées que vous faîtes .