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Neurotype 1A/1B and Crossfit, Lactic Acid Training, 2 Workouts/Day and Carbs

Hi CT,

I’ve read a lot of your work about neurotypes, especially neurotype 1A/1B (which I seem to be). I’ve seen that training sessions that produce a lot of lactic acid should be avoided/limited because they can be harmful to a 1A/1B. Like here

However, when you practice Crossfit, you are obliged to do some. In competition for example, there are sometimes WODs that will produce a lot of lactic acid, so you have to be prepared for that, but how to prepare for it by limiting damage for a 1A/1B?

Also, you recommand to consume carbs post-workout meals and last meal, but what I have to do if I do 2 trainings/days, 10 to 11 AM and 16 to 17 PM ?

One of them will be a skill work (15 minutes) and strengh workout (30/45 minutes)
The other one will be technical weightlifting (15 minutes), one “heavy WOD” (8-10 minutes and one “lighter WOD” (12-15 minutes)

Thank you.

I am also interested in the answer to this question. I’ve never done crossfit, but I am attracted to the theory and to lactic acid producing exercises, in theory. When I actually do lactic exercises, I really hate it, lol, but it feels good when it’s done and I kinda just like pushing myself. However, with lifting, a physical job, and being 40 years old, I have to watch how far I push myself unfortunately.

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Just an up so my message doesn’t fall through ^^

Don’t think a 1A will be attracted to CrossFit because it will burn them out quite fast. A 1B on the other hand won’t because they usually have a very effective stretch shortening cycle. So they don’t have to rely on lactic acid tolerance that much. 2A/2B’s do, plus they have to compensate for being less skillful. But correct me if I’m wrong.

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Thib has written about how 1b’s will get absolutely wrecked by too much lactic acid and as I recall, says to avoid it. I haven’t seen any advice about how to manage it other than to avoid it. I don’t know about other neurotypes.

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Yes, I know that 1A/1B are not really friends with acid lactic trainings, but I think that you can be good at Crossfit, being 1A/1B, while not doing a lot a acid lactig trainings.

So I I am interested by the CT view :slight_smile:

Just a little update :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about crossfit, but I tested for 1B with 1A secondary, and I used to fight Muay Thai. There was lactic acid type conditioning that also gassed you out, a lot of burpees, plus 3-5 mile runs 3-5 times a week, which wouldn’t be the favourite of a type 1a especially, and I was able to recover from about 15 hours total training a week split over 5 sessions, not counting some of the runs. But then the sparring and padwork was competitive and stimulating which definitely contributed to my recovery in some way.

So what I’m trying to say is if you enjoy what you do and pay attention to your recovery through sleep, nutrition, supplementation, you will likely recover from it even if it isn’t clear cut for your neurotype.

What you could also do is ease into that type of work, do a lower volume and/or frequency of lactic work, and as you adapt, add to it as you need to.


In general most people adapt to lactate training very quickly. So if your sport requires lactate training you really only need to start doing it a few weeks before competition. Improving your aerobic and alactic capacity will improve your ability to do lactate work. When you return to the lactate work you’ll be amazed at your progress even though you haven’t trained it. Training it a few weeks before competition allows you to get used to how it feels but other than that there aren’t many benefits to training that energy system all the time.

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Really interesting, you are talking from your personal experience ?

Cal Dietz has a short series of youtube videos on aerobic training and and another on energy systems that explains the principle.

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