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Neurotype 1A/1B and Crossfit, How to Deal with Lactic Acid Training + 2 trainings / day and carbs

Hi CT,

I’ve read a lot of your work about neurotypes, especially neurotype 1A/1B (which I seem to be). I’ve seen that training sessions that produce a lot of lactic acid should be avoided/limited because they can be harmful to a 1A/1B. Like here

However, when you practice Crossfit, you are obliged to do some. In competition for example, there are sometimes WODs that will produce a lot of lactic acid, so you have to be prepared for that, but how to prepare for it by limiting damage for a 1A/1B?

Also, you recommand to consume carbs post-workout meals and last meal, but what I have to do if I do 2 trainings/days, 10 to 11 AM and 16 to 17 PM ?

One of them will be a skill work (15 minutes) and strengh workout (30/45 minutes)
The other one will be technical weightlifting (15 minutes), one “heavy WOD” (8-10 minutes and one “lighter WOD” (12-15 minutes)

Thank you.

I am also interested in the answer to this question. I’ve never done crossfit, but I am attracted to the theory and to lactic acid producing exercises, in theory. When I actually do lactic exercises, I really hate it, lol, but it feels good when it’s done and I kinda just like pushing myself. However, with lifting, a physical job, and being 40 years old, I have to watch how far I push myself unfortunately.

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