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Neurotransmitter Deficiencies

Hi Coach, my, you have opened a can of worms here, got yourself a lot of work now :slight_smile:

Now, keep in mind I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer (but that could just be the neurotransmitter deficiencies… :wink:

I performed the Braverman test for dominance and for deficiency and this is what I was presented with:

  1. Dopamine: 32
  2. Acetylcholine: 29
  3. GABA: 27
  4. Serotonin: 23

So, Dopamine “dominant” kind of but fairly well balanced I would say…

So far as deficiencies, I found the following in the test:

  1. Dopamine: 21 (severe deficiency)
  2. Acetylcholine: 14 (Mild deficiency, just under severe)
  3. GABA: 23 (WHOA, severe deficiency)
  4. Serotonin: 16 (Severe deficiency, just over mild)

So, it seems to me, I have some work to do…

May I ask what your opinion is on the above? I struggle a bit with the analytical side of things so how this all fits together is a bit beyond me.

I remember you stating that you are not too comfortable with especially the Dopamine side of the Braverman test or something to that effect so that muddies the waters for me a bit as well…

Would you suggest that I start to supplement to increase GABA?

As an aside, I think that if I address the deficiencies as highlighted, my workouts might be more productive and I may be more motivated…


PS Thanks for your considerable time spent on answering my myriad questions.


You are either a type 1B or type 2A… as for GABA deficiency, Phenibut is the best for that … for serotonin 5-HTP. Z12 would be a good product in your case

Hi Christian, I also did the Braverman test and got the following results:

Dopamine 40
Acetylcholine 33
Serotonin 18

The deficiencies were:

Dopamine 4
Acetylcholine 6
Serotonin 5

I have two questions and would be grateful if you could answer them.

  1. What would be my neurotype based on the results?
  2. Would you consider the GABA deficiency problematic?

Thank you in advance!

Using my approach, the Braverman is not an appropriate tool. It doesn’t measure noradrenaline which is the dominant neurotransmitters to type 2. So using only the Braverman I cannot differenciate between type 1 and 2. You need to do the Cloninger test to find out which type you are… the Braverman only helps you with the GABA and acetylcholine assessment. I am coming out with my own test which will evaluate all 5.

Based on your results you would either be a type 1B or a type 2A.

Thanks for the swift answer Christian! This new info on neurotypes and applications for training is really intriguing. Looking forward to seeing the test you are creating.