Neurostim and PS? Other nootropics?

Hi there

I’m 25 years old and work in banking. I work incredibly long hours and the job is very stressful and mentally demanding. I’d love to supplement with something that helps me stay focused and awake while also improving cognitive ability. Basically something that compares to adderall. I’ve read most of the massive nootropic threads around here, and have decided to start with Neurostim. I’m considering a couple more things, however, and wondered if they are a. safe to stack and b. worth it.

  1. I’m looking at NOW True Focus, as it seems to have good reviews and is full of aminos and some gingko.

  2. I’m also considering Phosphatidylserine. What sort of dosage should I consider?

Would this stack provide the effects I’m looking for? Mainly I’d like something to increase alertness/motivation while working ridiculous hours.

As an aside, my diet is solid and I workout whenever I can…

Also, I would’ve included Huperzine but saw Bushy is now not 100% sure about it so no longer recommends it. Is that still true, or would people recommend it?

Neurostim is a good product. I dont think youre going to find adderall-like effects with any of these drugs though.

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Thanks guys.

So it would be OK to stack the PS with the Neurostim?

What could I take for more of a stimulant effect?

I suppose I’m looking for a daily stack I could take to keep me mentally focused, and then also something I could take at 6-8pm to get me through the night to 12-4am when I typically leave. Most of the time I need something that will keep me awake and firing on all cylinders to be able to handle the (often mundane) work when all I want to do is sleep. It’s also pretty crucial that during these first few months I climb the learning curve as quickly as possible so I can establish myself as a high performer.

What else would you guys recommend?

Bushy - did you get my PM?

Thanks again.

I’ve found ginkgo(~100mg) bacopa(500mg) or ani(~600mg) 600mg dmae, or just 1200mg DMAE by itself to help me stay on point.
Also, not sure if its a noop or not, but yerbe mate tea.

Thanks for the advice Matty.

Seems like Neurostim is similar to what you prescribe, but in smaller doses. A neurostim capsule has:

420mg aniracetam
300mg DMAE
15mg vinpocetine

Seems like a decent mixture, although could maybe do with a little more DMAE (Bushy has said up to 2x600mg daily) and a little more aniracetam (up to 3x600mg daily). I suppose I could get these amounts by taking 3-4 neurostim spaced throughout the day but I don’t want to be taking too much Vinpo daily as I have heard mixed things.

I may just buy some separate DMAE and ani.

From what I’ve read, alot of noops work synergistically, and when combined a lower individual dose can be more effective than a larger one.

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Thanks again guys.

I have ordered the ingredients separately so will have a little more flexibility over doses.

Bushy - what exactly do you mean by Armodafinil having a slightly less “driven in” effect than modafinil? I have some Modavigil at home but am a little reluctant to take it after seeing pictures online of SJS! Is there less chance of this with armodafinil?


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Thanks for the explanation.

My concern is that I don’t want to get SJS! I know there have only been a few reported cases, but it seems like a pretty awful side effect.

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Bushy -

Some studies are linked here:

In the US they now have to include the SJS warnings.