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Neuropeptide Hunger

stress + high calorie diet = abdominal fat, thanks to neuropeptide Y (NPY). this neurotransmitter is released from sympathetic nerves via stress and when it binds to the NPY2R receptors, it causes a cascade of bunch of things leading to obesity.

so, when this receptor was blocked with a NPY2R antagonist injected into mice abdomen, it showed a 50% decrease in abdominal fat (not BAD). when NPY was injected into mice abdomen, as you’d guess, it showed a 50% increase in abdomens of both lean and already obese mice.

i’d be interested in seeing a NPY2R antagonist mixed with DMSO as a topical cream for abs or even Biotest coming up with their own cream formulation. just an idea.

original journal article in Nature Medicine, intro is here:



Manipulating levels of that hormone could melt fat from areas where it is not desired and accumulate it where it is needed, the researchers say in the journal Nature Medicine.