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Neurons Gone Haywire?


so i noticed this stuff that happens to me when im like 3/4 of the way to falling asleep, its actually like im asleep but still semi-conscious really. anyway ill notice that while im thinking something in that state ill an action associated with it but its uncontrolable. for instance, i was lying there last night i believe and i was thinking about jumping and then my legs shot out like i was actually trying to jump. today lying in bed before my nap i was thinking to myself and i started to mutter like my lips moved and i made sound but it wasnt an actual words.

sometimes it happens when im not sleeping, and ill just be thiking about something (maybe too deeply?) and maybe ill make a facial expression or something but its uncontrolable, idk, its not too major like every 5 minutes or something like that but i have noticed that ive done it on occasion and it just weirds me out.


i just noticed i have the word something or sometimes 4 times in a row, wow. i feel like those people who say "like" every other word.


Iv done the half asleep jump thing before.


...or every fifth word.


I know exactly what you're talking about. You're not alone. I've done something like that in class before, my leg just kinda jerked out.

Most of the time I have to be in really vivid day dream.


The jumping thing happens to me all the time.


It's called hypnic jerks. Common.


I get that when my CNS is close to fried. I did an EDT program for a while, and every night I was getting those full body contractions, bad enough to wake up my boyfriend. When that shit starts to happen, I know it's time to back off for a few days.


That's how I can tell if my wife has fallen asleep , she does this full body jerk every time she falls asleep.


Too bad you can't take credit


Never experienced any of this before...Live, you seem to bring out the quirks in people lol.


Its so weird when you are jumping in your dream and you actually jump in bed enough to wake you up as you're falling asleep. Cool stuff.


cause i have all this fucked up shit with me and im like, i wonder if anyone else is as fucked as me. im either trying to prove im crazy, or that everyone else is just as crazy as me. so far it seems to be moreso the latter.


i dont know if youre ever really asleep, its like right in the medium of conscious and asleep. its like a dazey grey area, then something happens like the jumping thing and youre alert again and wondering, ok was i asleep or what? its really weird though. like ive layed there on my back and thought about something involving a throwing motion and my arm threw itself. its completely sporadic too. like you feel yourself doing it but it isnt a planned out action.


Happens with my legs from time to time. Sometimes I'll feel like I'm falling and my whole body will jerk and I'll wake up. Actually the throwing thing happened to me a few nights ago.

I do the facial expression thing too. I would think it's normal to react to what you're thinking about in such a way.


I never knew it had a name. Anyone ever have this happen:

In the phenomenon known as an auditory sleep start, waking from sleep is accompanied with a very loud snap or cracking which seems to come from the center of the head. Some people have also been known to have visual sleep starts, in which a blinding flash of light awakens the sleeper, but these cases are also extremely rare.

When I lived in an apartment, it happened a few times I woke up from a dead sleep to get up and answer the intercom, but it never really rang. Those occurrences really left me messed up.


It's funny that you started a thread about this...I was just doing reading about it today.

It's really interesting stuff, that state you're talking about being in right before you fall asleep is called hypnagogia.

Another thing I read about is the dreamachine. I don't know if it's because of my age that I hadn't heard of it, but I thought the basis behind it to be interesting as well. Creating a stroboscopic device corresponding to alpha waves, the state your brain is in while you're relaxing. Dreaming consciously.