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Neuromuscular Reeducation

Just wanted to share this with my T-peeps. I had a session done where the practioner used neuromuscular reeducation on my body. My body had permanent stiffness due to injury and poor rehabilitation habits. This technique is about breaking scar tissue and adhesions so your body can move smoothly. I must say I am thoroughly impressed. My practioner had told me that my rhomboids were almost totally scar tissue at the point I was at. After the session, I had much better ROM and the tension was gone. The pain is very considerable, but knowing how we do things up in herrrrre, I think everyone can take it. So for any former footballers, wrestlers, and athletes who have been banged up, you might want to give this a shot. I am not getting any kickback or have any hidden motives. I had a kickass experience, and would want to share this with those who wake up stiff and in pain.

Where did you get it done and where can I find out more about where this is offered? What did it cost?

Thanks for the post, that sounds like something I might try!

doesn’t it sound like ART?

I was referred to someone, but you can look on neuromuscularreeducation.com. They have a list of people according to where you live. As far as the cost, it was a bit pricy. I paid 70 for 1 hour. I had heard how effective it was, so I bit the bullet. The price may vary according to each practitioner. If you are or were an athlete, I think this would be a great thing to add to your workout regiment. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

I remember reading about neuromuscular reeducation in Fred Hatfield’s book, ‘Power’. It’s been around at least as long as ART. I believe it was started by Dr. Joseph Horrigan, a chiropractor out of Los Angeles.

I’d like to add a ringing endorsement to Massimo_SPQR’s post. My massage therapist does neuromuscular reeducation on me. I go weekely. I used to have a kink in my neck (for years). Gone. I used to carry a lot of tension between my shoulder blades, and scapular ROM was limited, not to mention the knots. Gone. Over and over again I’ve gone in with problems, only to walk out without them. Even my posture is better. Prior, my pecs were shortened and my shoulders were rounded.

Even though it is body work, it’s not ART. I’ve depended heavily on it until I can get up to Atlanta (Goldberg’s guy). The ART guys in Florida aren’t quite up to speed. Cost? $60 per hour.

If you get a chance to try out neuromuscular reeducation, do it. It won’t help with tendons, ligaments and joints, but as far as your muscles go, it sure will “iron out the knots.”