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neuromuscular and plyometrics

when working out with reps of 1-3 or 90-100% of 1RM it works your nervous system, so you are usually suppose to rest between 3-5 minutes, when doing plyometrics i heard it is also neuromuscular so you need to rest between 3-5 minutes too, but if you look at dave tate and those westside guys when they do there dynamic bench press they rest only 1 minute between there sets, does anyone know whats best to do? thanks for any info

3-5 minutes if your natural.

you can cut it to 1 minute if your on a reasonable cycle, or your a mutant.

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When they do their dynamic work, they are only using around half their max. poundages, so the intensity is low therefore they can keep rest intervals short. They are not trying to develop max. strength in these sessions, they are just going for speed. As long as the speed the bar travels doesn’t slow down, they are doing fine. With such a relatively light load, they don’t need more rest.