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Neurological Problem? Good TRT Results but Zero Drive Mentally

TRT high testosterone E2 few high ZERO mental drive what is wrong?

Is this purely a Neurological problem, i never had it tested in blood, but does Serotonin & Dopamine if both are very Low, can that impact Motivation to want to get Jobs Done or WORK full time, since being on T.R.T 3 MONTHS, i only held down a job 3 weeks in a row, then left. Also do people with A.D.H.,D attention disorder have ZERO Mental drive, as they always distracted, my mother wanted to diagnose me as a Kid, she gone now, but she said she believed deep down i could be A.D.HD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, because i always very HYPER growing up in teens & all over the place, one moment 2 the next.

My last testosterone labs, showed TT 1060. FT 165 pg/ml SHBG 29.3 and (E2) at quite high at 37 pg/ml. Soon as i started TRT 1st month Dialing in, my BRAIN is not driven at all, feels foggy even with a TT of 1100 & good trough. what is going on? i also have 2 fairly big Mercury fillings (AMALGAM) i was a kid i never knew about this knowledge. but does these fillings of Mercury over time destroy your NEURO Transmitters?

My mental drive has been like this since 25 years of age, i am now 33 so 8 years of BRAIN DRIFTING and not driven. I was seriously considering (MODAFINIL) a Wakeful Nacrolepsy drug or (ADDERALL which is used for ADHD) both could have side effects. I need something

Bro, you are having some neurological issues. The thread title is fine and doesn’t need further editing.


When my estrogen is high, I have zero motivation and foggy minded as hell. I believe your levels are too high.

I have ADHD and TRT has done more for me that any ADHD medication.

What is your protocol?


Hey, just saw this thread when searching ADHD - I’ve been diagnosed for the past 4 years, adderall stopped working for me after the first year. I tested low for T, just started injecting a few weeks ago. Question is: how has your adhd improved after you started T? Do you think your motivation issues/brain fog came from the lack of T? Anything you can add would really help and be much appreciated

Adderall is known to only work for while, I hear it alot. Most SSRIs are the same.

It’s as if I don’t have ADHD on TRT, wondering if my problem has always been suboptimal testosterone. One testicles hangs more than the other.

Thyroid hormones affect neurotransmitters, there are more T3 receptors in the brain than the entire body, so you need to post thyroid labs including TSH, Free T3 and Reverse T3 at a minimum.

LOL. I think testicle hang is normally that way man, at least I hope so. :wink: