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Neurologic Squats Confusion?

I’m giving the 1B training a try

Can anyone clear up the following:
Day 5

C. Front Squat
80-85% of 3RM
3 sets of max reps / rest 15 seconds / max reps

D. Squat
80-85% of 3RM on front squat
3 sets of 3 front squats with narrow stance + 3 front squats wide stance + 3 back squats

so basically after doing C, I move on to D.
a: How much rest am I suppose to take between C and D?
b:How much rest between the individual sets(D)?
b:How much rest between exercise between narrow, wide and back squats?

A. As little as possible but enough to give full effort
B. Same as A
C. No rest, setup for the next position ASAP and hit it