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Neurogenic Tetany and Lifting

So the story is that after 2 years of nonstop lifting, i went to the gym 6 times a week and in those 2 years i missed like 5 workouts. Last year in november i started to get heavy cramps in my abs. A month later they got so intense they felt like heart attacks (got cramps in hamstrings and lowerabs in the same time, heavy breathing and my face got numb). My doc put me immediately on high dosages of magnesium and a half year later they found out its nerogenic tetany (i hope the translation is correct). So they prescribed me 2x antidepressants (for muscle relaxation), 1x for increasing the blood flow, 1x mixture of magnesium and salt and 1x B vitamins.

My problem is, they promised me i could still be active, but its the oposite. im sleepy all the time and my running sux ballz, haven’t tried to lift because of the antidepressants making me sleepy.
I don’t really want to take those pills but the doc says its the only way to fix those spasm
But my question is has anyone experience with something like this?

I’m not doctor and nobody here is but using anti depressants for that sounds weird. There are many off-label (not for its original intended purpose) effects for any drug, but the I’ve never heard of that. Blast the magnesium, stretch stretch stretch and take a couple days off sometimes. Slow and steady wins. These weeks or months you’re missing out on now wouldn’t happen if you just took a week off every couple months.

at the moment im doing nothing, cuz im kinda afraid of doing something when im so “relaxed” after those pills
what would be a good stretching routine? i do some basic foam rollin here and there