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Neuroactivity transfer from lifting to sprint


I'm curious if you know of any good lifting methods that can help out during the start of the sprint, from lets say the starting point ti'll about 20 meters into the drive phase. What lifting motions or techniques can be used to help the muscle get used to firing off as fast as it needs to?


A powerful start is the function of PROPER TECHNIQUE and your RELATIVE STRENGTH. I've found that the exercises that transfer best to a sprinters start are exercises that the athlete must perform STATIC OVERCOME BY DYNAMIC WORK. Here's a list of some of my favorites:
All variations of deadlifts. (For advanced athletes, snatch grip deads with chains are incredible.)

Box squats (with bands/chains)

iso-hold bulgarian split squats (pause in bottom position for 5 sec. then perform an explosive concentric.)

iso-hold walking lunges

iso-hold barbell reverse lunges (front foot elevated)


Forward sled drags - upper body at a 45-dgree angle

Those are just a couple of my favorites.