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Neuro Type Questionnaire? Neuro Type for Teens?

  1. Can you determine (roughly) what neurotype from a questionare
  2. Do teenagers have a set neurotype?
  3. If so, what type am I?
    I get bored easily, don’t like repetitive activities & endurance events , wouldn’t call myself a thrill seeker, ok at social situations, mildly competitive (when I want to compete), more introverted than extroverted.
    I don’t really care of what people think of me.
    I do normally feel like I have less energy than most other people. Don’t care about avoiding conflict, don’t really mind criticism, not organized

I used to have a questionnaire but I stopped using it. Well, I still use it but only to steer my evaluation. I prefer to talk to the individual as well as observe his body language, etc. I can now evaluate a neurotype very precisely in 10 minutes or less.

The problem with questionnaires are that:

  1. People answer by giving their own perception of themselves, not everybody has good introspection skills

  2. Some people answer the test by giving the answers they think I want to hear

  3. Stress can influence your answers and some people get really stressed when they have to answer a questionnaire.

Yes. In fact it is easier to evaluate a neurotype with kids. Your personality is basically 60-70% neurotype and 30-40% learned/conditioned behavior. The younger you are, the less conditioning you’ve had.

I cannot answer with your own description. I need to have a conversation to correctly evaluate it. Or at least have a test that gives me a good idea. As I said this is your perception of yourself, doesn’t always represent the realty. And each profile is composed of elements of 3 profiles including a dominance so you can have some elements of a different profile but they are not dominant, I need to talk to someone (ideally) to find out which is the dominance.

Based on your own description of yourself my instinct would be to say that you are a type 1B. Most elements concur except for the introverted part. Are you under stress? Do you notice that you are more introverted when under lots of stress? Type 1B have a Type 3 component but it only comes out during periods of stress.

Are you naturally explosive, fast? Do you easily learn (skills or knowledge)?

Thanks and

  1. Yes, I feel stressed (right now I have HS placement testing in 9 days, have to smooth out a choir acompniment (piano) in ~2 weeks
  2. Probably, I feel under stress by something or another all the time so hard to tell
  3. Explosive- kind of. Kinda uncoordinated. Fast- kinda (one of the faster kids in a sprint, can’t change direction well). Short sprinting (I consider) relatively fun
  4. I’m relatively smart for my age so I guess
  5. What training programs would you recomend if I am 1B?
    Edit: I do multitask a lot

I know you are very busy, however could you please look over my answers to your questions?