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Neuro Type Question: 1A or 2A? Different for Women or Age?

Bonjour Christian, I recently took the Braverman:
DOP 31, ACE 37, GABA 31, SERO 19
with deficiencies: DOP 0, ACE 6, GABA 4, SERO 3. If I’m reading your information correctly, I should be either a 1A or 2A? Can you confirm and any modifications I need to account for because of the three levels being high with deficiencies factored in. Also, are there any adjustments for gender that need to be made? Or age?

You would be 1B (not 1A) or 2A. But we can’t tell because the Braverman doesn’t tell us about noradrenalin and it is needed to see if you are a 1 or 2.

Regardless 1B and 2A can train fairly similar.

Yes, sorry I typed the wrong 1! Without the Cloninger test we won’t know the noradrenalin, correct? Are there any differences in 1B and 2A that I should be aware of? Such as d-loads, etc?
Also, any age or gender adjustments to training? What type would do best with the Hard Body Training for Women?

Hard body for women is a great 2A program.

One of the good ways to differentiate a 1B and a 2A is in their attitude toward others. A type 2A is more of a people pleaser, loves to help people out. When they walk into a group they like to mingle but don’t try to steal the show.

A 1B is more competitive, they don’t care as much about what others think about them. They are extroverted and fun to be around but they like to attract the attention.

The 2A responds better to a faster training pace and to “fun” workouts. They can also handle a bit more volume than the 1B but a bit less frequency and intensity (amount of weight lifted).