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Neuro Type, Performance & Lifestyle


Hello Coach - nice podcast with robbiebourke recently

When you were talking about the adrenaline and its importance for type 1/b etc., I realized just how true this is.

I’m like you in that during rest (after big meal, not caffeineted, have not worked out) I am quite low energy chill. But after adrenalin (training, stims etc.) like a different person (arguably more effective).

So the real interesting thing now is how does one OPTIMIZE lifestyle to maximize performance per your profile.

This has incredible carryover to business, day to day performance, relationships & of course gym gains.

For me as an example, I have my best training 2-3 hours after waking up and a few cups of coffee. This is the state that I feel on top of the world. And also i am the most charismatic + performance (mental, business etc.) skyrockets due to this.

Now right after a big meal (example lunch) I am in second gear at best. And less effective.

So stuff like this makes me realize that what you do outside the gym (when you eat, how you eat, whether you take caffeine, whether you’r edoing power poses & mental thoughts) are all INCREDIBLY impactful on your effectiveness as a HUMAN BEING and certain on your performance in the gym (indirectly & directly impacting your gains).

Without asking you to write a thesis…what are some lifestyle tips (diet, fasting, calorie/macro timing, mental self talk) that you would cater to a type 1, 2, 3 etc…maximizing the individual’s performance in and out of the gym?

I suspect it is all about dopamine/adrenaline. The more the better really…however…what are the long term imapcts? (shutdown, need more and more dopamine)