Neuro Type and Recovery

Been looking for insights about myself and Neuro Type theory has given me some great encouragement. I feel understood. Thanks.

I have made progress on GVT and Wendler 531 until low reps actually approach max. Belly fat is a problem and carb cravings are practically irresistible at night and following stressful events. I believe I am a type 3. Recovery seems extremely important to influencing cortisol levels and the experience of stress. I am refocusing much of my life around achieving goals while minimizing stress.

Do you plan to write more on Neuro Typology with detailed recovery guidelines?
Can you provide a bibliography or recommendation of influential books?

I know another article, which I believe is a comprehensive wrap up, is to be published… Even CT said he’s surprised it has not yet been put up on the main site. Keep looking for – as I am.