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Neuro Type and Programs? I'm a 2A

I have been using the BDW (Best Damn Workout) program for about 3 weeks now and enjoying the program. I REread CT’s neuro type article to verify my neuro type… 2A. My question is, Does the BDW workout program agree with my neuro type? It utilizes multiple muscle groups on the push/pull days whereas a type 2A was recommended to concentrate on training one muscle group per session. I checked out the HSS-100 program CT recommended (in the article) and it seemed like something I would like also. I’m not trying to make this more difficult than it should be, I am enjoying the BDW program. Plus any other advice for a 2A is welcome… DIet, programs, etc…

All that is covered on Thibarmy.

What does that mean? All that is covered on thibarmy? What is thibarmy? I am new to the sitter, Been reading as much as I can and was just trying to ask cause I was a little confused, my apologies.

It’s CT’s personal site.
Google is your friend.

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