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Neuro Type and ACTN3 Type


How does the philosophy of “Neuro Type training” fit in with ACTN3 studies.

Just based on personality, I seem to be more Type 3 Neuro but I also have the ACTN3 CC Genotype [speed/power] - but recommendations training for Type 3 and training for ACTN3 CC seem to contradict one another.

Can anyone provide any clarity on that and general training recommendations

Thanks a bunch.


I’ve wondered this too since fiber type clearly can vary independent of neurotransmitters and N.T. sensitivities.

Absolutely. In that case I would still use the Type 3 recommendations for:

  • Frequency (lower… 3 maybe 4x per week)
  • Rest intervals (long, up to 3-4 minutes when doing strength work to minimize adrenaline)
  • Variation (very little variation in exercise selection)
  • Number of exercises (few lifts per workout: 3-4, and few lifts overall)
  • Number of sets/warm-up (taking more warm-up sets to get to the working weight)
  • Loading (I would stay in the 50-80% range most of the time)

The main differences would be on how you execute your reps (try to create as much acceleration during the concentric as possible) and the number of reps per set (in the 4-6 range most of the time, even with the lighter weights, using maximum acceleration to compensate for the load)


‎Thanks Christian --for Hypertrophy would you still have the same as the below, perhaps with 60-90s between sets instead? Should there just be a concentration on basics-Squat, DL, Press and very little assistance exercises-flys, calf’s, bi/tri, shoulder,etc…

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Yes the same would apply. Type 3 should avoid rest intervals that are too short to minimize adrenaline release which in a Type 3 would lead to CNS over-activation which will give them too much cortisol.

Maybe 1-2 isolation exercises per session are fine with 3-4 big lifts.


I appreciate that, but it’s not my style. I don’t like to ask for money. Heck I always want to give people more, not take more :slight_smile:

Howdy Chris

Not a lot of info in the FAQ on your website on the 1:1 training, so I’ll ask here.

  1. What happens if I sign up for 1:1 and need to travel for work for a week or 2?

  2. Is there any point for a 45 year old starting a 1:1 and looking for Hypertrophy, who hasn’t had any success in the past. 5’9 70kg. I’m not expecting to look like Conan the Barbarian though, just some obvious changes.

  3. Once signed up, I assume workouts would only start a week or 2 later, because you need to keep personality feedback and write diet/exercise prescription? In that case, if signing up for a month, the month starts from the first workout?


Do those reps to failure or not ? fast concentric and slow negative reps ?