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Neuro Type 3 Size and Strength Programs?

If someone is a Neuro-type 3 would you recommend your program 915 for hypertrophy and Bulgarian Strength Simplified for Strength ? or do you think another of your programs would be better one for Hypertrophy and one strength ?

915 would be good for them for strength. Bulgarian is a type 1A program. For hypertrophy they would go with a more traditional bodybuilding program 4 days a week.

I know this is an old thread but it is the subject of my question and I didn’t want to be that special snowflake that starts a new thread lol…

I am a textbook type 3 and couldn’t really find a lot about type 3s in this forum but after watching Thib’s videos on neurotyping I see why. I guess we make better chess players than weightlifters.

I ran Thib’s high-intensity, high-frequency, low volume plan for natural lifters but after reading some of the threads here I apparently shouldn’t have done that because I only have a squat rack and a barbell, no machines and also because apparently type 3s should use a lower-intensity routine.

But that would indicate that if intensity is down-regulated then volume should be increased. How can volume be increased while keeping cortisol levels low which is already a problem for our neurotype?

If my pet lifts are press, pull ups, bench, rows (all variations), front squats (I’m 190cm, all arms and legs), and deadlifts then would a good set/rep scheme be something like 3×10 or 4×10 maybe?

My apologies if I come across like I want free personal coaching; that’s definitely not the case. I just figured there are a lot of people that know far more about this than I do that can quickly point me in the right direction.

Many thanks

Is your goal mostly strength or size?

Size–I am built like a Kenyan marathon runner lol

Train 3 or 4 days a week. If you train 4 days, 3 of those are “main workouts” and the 4th one is a lower demand session.

Use a daily undulating periodization model:

Front squat (heaviest) 4 work sets of 6 reps
Bench press (moderate) 3 work sets of 10 reps
Deadlift (light) 3 work sets of 12 reps
Chest-supported t-bar row (pump) 2 work sets of 15 reps

Bench press (heaviest) 4 x 6
Deadlift (moderate) 3 x 10
Front squat (light) 3 x 12
Bent over barbell row (pump) 2 x 15

Deadlift (heaviest) 4 x 6
Front squat (moderate) 3 x 10
Bench press (light) 3 x 12
Seated row (pump) 2 x 15

SATURDAY (extra)
On this day the only “hard” exercise should be pull-ups, shoot for 50 total reps (no added weight) when you can get that total in 3 sets, go up to 60 total reps, etc.
The rest of the workout should be isolation work like curls, triceps extensions, lateral raises, etc.

  • Type 3 require the most extensive warm-up. Do mobility work at the beginning of the workout, foam rolling and A LOT of gradually heavier warm-up sets before your work sets on the big lifts (up to 3-6 gradually heavier warm-ups).

Thib, thank you so much. Didn’t expect a personal response from you!

I know you’re just doing what you love to do and your information is directed primarily to those who will be coaching others, but it is amazingly informative and very much appreciated

I just have to ask though–no vertical pressing in the routine? I will miss that

Sorry, it goes on day 4 with pull ups

Are the reps to be done sets across with the last set approaching failure even on the light day or should a little more be left in the tank?

Pretty much everything is done with perfect technique and fairly slow eccentric (3-4 sec)… leave 1 or even 2 reps in the tank. Try to use the same weight for all work set. Only add weight when you can do all the work sets with the same weight with solid technique

This is really helpful, Coach. Two questions:

Could someone run that set-up with different exercises for each movement pattern on each day? For example: Back Squat (Heavy), Front Squat (Moderate), Walking Lunge (Light). Or do the exercises have to stay the same for the sake of frequency?

And riffing off of what you set out, would this be a useful approach for more of a strength focus – Heavy = work up to 3RM with 3-5 singles at that weight; Moderate = 8x3 @ 70% for speed; Light = 3x12-15?

With neurotype 3 I prefer to stick to the same exercises because they normally prefer stability over variety. BUT if the individual is advanced then they likely know all the movements and their anxiety level will be lower and they will be able to use different exercise variations

Thanks, Coach. Just what I wanted to hear!

I’m a natural 2B under stress and pressed for time, so my tendency to do too much and get that good rush is battling with my desire for control and my lack of gym days. I’ll try this full body routine and try not to add too much to it!

Thanks again.

how did you set up this 4th day to add some shoulder press ?

I am assuming this is set up for size.

If the goal were strength, how would that be setup?

Tony Gentilcore has a similar set-up for strength here. Just ramp up to 5RM instead of 3RM. And maybe cut back on some of the assistance.