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Neuro Type 3 - High or Low Volume?

Hey Christian!

First of all i feel the need to thank you for all your articles and free information you put out there, i always find it to be very interesting and helpful. Especially the Neuro Typing System fascinated me. Considering myself a Type 3 i have two questions though:

  1. In part 4 you are arguing that this type does better on a lower volume approach, but in part 5 one of the general training recommendations is higher volume. Could you please explain that to me? Because I´m somewhat confused by that.

  2. I just was wondering why this type doesn´t need frequent refeeds. Wouldn´t that keep cortisol levels lower?

I would very much appreciate your response or anyone else´s who has an answer to it!

Nice greetings from Austria,

  1. Yeah, the first parts were based on my original seminar work and I modified it after further research. Type 3 need more volume per session BUT cannot train as often 3-4 lifting sessions per week.

  2. They do not require frequent refeeds because they should not diet with a large deficit because of their tendency to overproduce cortisol and they do better when they keep carbs in their diet. If the diet provides enough carbs then they don’t need to refeed as often (they don’t deplete muscle glycogen as much) and they don’t risk decreasing leptin levels as much because they shouldn’t use a big deficit

Thank you so much for the quick answer!

Ct could you write a sample 3 or 4 day training week for a type 3 ?

In the article you wrote a sample week for most of the types except type 3

That’s not the purpose of this forum

If memory serves me right I think CT says Wendler’s 5/3/1 is a good program for most type 3’s right in the article.

If you want to stick to CT programs maybe try 915 or Power Look? Everything is pre-planned for the most part so just stick to the program and gain.

My I please ask you about what you consider a lot of volume? I am type 3 (tall skinny guy).
My normal training includes 2 main lifts which each has 5-8 warm up (every set heavier weight) sets and 3 work sets (same weight) plus 2-3 assistance exercises (2-3 work sets without warm up set).
My question is should I count warm up sets and consider training as high volume?
Thank you