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Neuro Type 3 GVT Modifications?

I just listened to your podcast with Eat to Perform about neuro training types and have read your 5 articles here on T-nation.

I feel like I’m a pretty solid Type 3, so I’m looking to do the German Volume Training (Lee Boyce version) you linked to. One thing I’m confused on though is that under “4 - Training volume” you listed for hypertrophy work that type 3’s should do “Two to 3 progressively harder warm-up sets and 1-2 work sets per exercise is best.”

Should I modify the GVT program to this set scheme, or leave it as is for my type?

Thank you for the awesome and forward thinking information. Much appreciated!

GVT is fine for type 3… the key thing for them is frequency. Do not train more than 3-4 days a week … ideally one day on, one day off. To help control cortisol levels

Awesome, thanks for the quick feedback. I’ll take your advice on every other day.

I was doing a basic DUP program before this for strength training 3-4 days a week. Would that be ok to cycle to once I’ve done GVT for a bit? Or would you recommend something different?

I’m probably still a novice to beginning intermediate at best.

I believe he already answered that with the statement: "the key thing for them is frequency… 3-4 days a week…

The frequency part I get. I was referring to the program type as far as a typical DUP-style strength routine to cycle to, eventually, since he recommended GVT which is hypertrophy based.

If I misunderstood, my apologies.