Neuro Type 2b Training Question

Hey Coach,

I’ve been reading your materials regarding neuro training. I have to admit that they are quite interesting. Could you please take some time to make a quick check on the below program i’ve designed? This is based on the provided information in the different neuro type articles. Is this a good starting point? Would you change anything? I am having a struggle adding a fifth exercise in the pulling day. Any suggestions? Also, in the squat and deadlift day i will incorporate loaded carries. Could you please share an appropriate scheme for them? I do not love isolation or machine exercises this is why i have incorporated mostly exercises with bb or db. For the main lifts i will use the double progression method.

Day 1: Squat and assistance
A: Front squat - 4x3-5
B: Zercher squat - 4x4-6
C: Hack squat - 4x6-8
D: Split squats - 4x6-8
E: Leg extension - 4x8-10
F: Loaded carries

Day 2: Bench and assistance
A: Bench press - 4x3-5
B: Close grip bench press - 4x4-6
C: Incline bench press - 4x6-8
D: Db bench press - 4x-6-8
E: Flies - 4x8-10
F: Biceps

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Deadlift and assistance
A: Power clean - 4x3
B: Deadlift - 4x3-5
C: SGHP - 4x5
D: Romanian deadlift - 4x4-6
E: Hyperextensions / Reverse hypers - 4x8-10
F: Loaded carries

Day 5: Overhead press and assistance
A: Military press - 4x3-5
B: High incline DB press - 4x6-8
C: Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise - 4x8-10
D: DB lateral raises - 4x8-10
E: Face pulls - 4x12

Day 6: Pulling
A: Neutral grip pull ups / Chin ups - 4x3-5
B: BB / T-bar row - 4x4-6
C: DB row - 4x6-8
D: Seated row - 4x6-8
E: ?
F: Biceps
Day 7: Off

Thank you in advance.

WAAAAYYYY too much volume of big lifts

Hey coach ,

May I ask you to make some suggestions how / what I can change ?

Thank you.

Do a lot less volume LOL

Type 2B can’t tolerate as much volume because they tend to have less efficient immune systems. They do better on one, MAAAAAYYYBE two compound movements per session and mor low stress/isolation work


Thanks for the update. I always tend to overdo things. Ok, so as a general guideline I will stick to two compound per session 4 sets 4-5 reps using double progression for the first one and 4 sets of 4-6 for the second one. You have mentioned that type 2b needs 20-25 sets. For the remaining 12 I will add isolation work in the 6-10 rep range. Could you please share if this sounds more ok?

Also would you please share sample isolation exercise I can include for all the workouts? I am having a hard time finding some besides leg extension and leg press

Thank you for the assistance

Yes, typical of type 2B (I’m type 2B as well).

They are the most likely to become stimulus addicts but they don’t have the immune system to grow on a lot of volume

DUDE, start with one for at least 4-6 weeks and see how your body handles it. Force yourself to do less otherwise your old habits will come back

Actually it is likely less than that. I adjusted my material since dev developing the system. Type 2A can handle more sets. 2B should stick to about 12-16

Doesn’t have to be pure isolation (a leg press is not isolation), but any low stress movement (machine, pulley station, prowler)

Lol, thanks very much for the insight, coach! Now, everything is more clear. Unfortunately the gym i am training in does not have any fancy tools as a prowler, but i will experiment and see how it will turn out.

Again, thanks coach!

Wish you a successful week.

Hey Coach,

I would like to add 1-2 low stress movements to my workouts. However, i am having trouble classifying them by myself and i am not able to find any relevant information in the internet.

Could you please assist by proving some examples for each muscle group / movement?

Thank you.

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Here’s something you can use…

In order of stress level (from highest to lowest):

1 - Olympic lift variation and advanced body weight exercises (muscle ups, front/back lever, iron cross training, handstand walks, free handstand push ups, etc.)

2- Free weight exercises involving the whole body (squat variations, deadlift variations, push press…)

3- Free weight exercises involving half the body but requiring a lot of core activation & intermediate body weight exercises(bent over rows, lunges, standing overhead press, loaded carries, chin-up variations, dip variations, etc.)

4 - Free weight multi-joint exercises without signifiant core loading & easier body weight exercises (bench press variations, seated overhead press variations, supported rows…)

5 - Pulley or machine multi-joint exercises (leg press, hack squat, machine press, machine row, lat pulldown, seated row, etc.)

6 - Free weight isolation exercises

7 - Pulley or machine isolation exercises

When I say low stress it is mostly categories 5, 6 and 7

Hey coach,

Once again, thank you for the provided assistance. Greatly appreciated.

Wish you a nice rest of the week.

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Coach Thibs,

This material is so valuable and innovative that it might be time for another book…including the categorical questionnaire you’ve mentioned. Make some money off of this! I’ll buy a copy for sure.


im trying to follow the gironda style training and im following your example program to a T … am i safe there with now doing too much volume?

You’ll be fine. Vince was not a proponent of very high volume, except for those he called “genetic superiors” like Mohammed Makkaway.

after the 10 weeks and ive completed all 5 phases what would you suggest

No idea… I’m not a type 3, which means that I don’t like to plan a long time in advance, even with others. Come back to me in 10 weeks and we’ll talk about it