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Neuro Type 2b, Training Demotivating

Been following your neuro type training really interesting stuff .I feel like it helps make sense of training and even how I behave in life. I think I lean towards 2b.However whenever I have tried the classic lower intensity style bodybuilding routines they leave me feeling drained lacking energy aferwards and even more so the next day.
Type 2b aspects of my personality include need for low rest intervals to stay motivated dislike groups and feel a little anxious in social situtions.
I have some aspects of novelty seeking personality naturally curious,low attention span,naturally explosive, easily frustrated but felt the reward dependant side was stronger.
Like you I have some autistic tendencies(obbessive interest small number of topics) that perhaps mask some of the novelty seeking traits?
Focusing on heavy and explosive work with short rest intervals really appeal to me on a fundamental level and leave me feeling , happy, confident energised eg rest pause ,clusters etc your best damm program was very enjoyable .In short not sure if I should give it more time or what type training would be best for me ?

Do what makes you feel good… oddly enough when I’m eating a surplus and have low stress in my life I like type 2A workouts (explosive, low rest, lots of methods and cool exercises, more variety, etc.) but when I’m dieting down or stressed out I prefer type 2B workouts (more bodybuilding pump sessions with less variation and more isolation work)

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