Neuro Type 2b & Lagging Muscles

Hi Coach, quick question on how to approach lagging muscles if I consider myself a Neuro Type 2b and feel the best doing more unified training days. For example, I consider my chest to be a lagging muscle, however it seems that adding a second chest workout to the week, even if it’s a lighter workout, might elevate cortisol too high. What is the best way to address a lagging muscle and avoid excess volume?

Hitting your chest a second (hell, even third) time a week won’t raise jack. It’s excessive volume that raises cortisol. Frequency is the only way to combat it if that’s the thing that worries you. Push/pull hitting each muscle twice (3 if you do 6 days, which is what I’m currently doing). Only hit the muscle with one movement. Hit with a few work sets and move on to the next muscle.
But if you’re doing a “bro split” I don’t think it’s really able to add another “chest day” that’s too much volume. Maybe you’re not doing the bro split but that’s what I thought based on your question