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Neuro Type 2A (High Gaba) Crossfit + Gym Question

Hi ct, i am a neuro type 2A, i started doing crossfit and i really like that ! it really fit my needs.

I am doing 4 to 5 wod per week, and i try to hit the gym 2xtimes a week. My question is what would you priorise on the 2 gym days in the week ?

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Crossfit is very good for a type 2A.

The word that describes 2As is “variety”. They need to change things around all the time (that’s my type) so Crossfit works well in that regard.

As for what you should do in the gym it is very simple…

The sentence that best describes a 2A training is “Everything works, but nothing works for long”. So basically you can do whatever you want on those two days, provided that you train hard it will work.

Now, I will make 2 recommendations:

  1. Include some neural (either heavy,explosive or skill) and muscular (mind-muscle connection) work in every session

  2. Try to work on things you didn’t work in your WODs … so muscles or patterns that were neglected but also neglected contraction types, namely isometric and eccentric emphasis

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great info ! thank you !

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So with type 2as would you change the program every say 2 weeks? Maybe do a preload week of the new moments and techniques then 2 hard weeks then repeat with new methods.

Or change things every session?

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I think we got the hardest neuro type but the better at the same times because we are really really good and strong athletes. But we easily burn out !

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Not true. 2A are the easiest to train because everything works, but nothing works for long.

And they DON’T ore naturally burn out… type 1A burn out A LOT more easily. 2A will burn out because they easly become stimulus addicts and they do too much work.

And while they do physically have what it takes to be good athletes, they rarely are “stars”… 1B tend to be the better athlètes in strength & power sports. In all fairness 2As are physically just as good, but they are less competitive and don’t tolerate stress quite as well.

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Hi Coach

what about autoregulaition for 2A? would be that good idea?

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Absolutely. So does leaving room for workout adaptation depending on what is happening during the session

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so if i am doing my crossfit session on monday, the next day im going to the gym and im doing example a back pump session, rest day, restart crossfit, pump session, pump session, off…etc ! is it good for a 2A to only do pump work the day after crossfit session ?

You’d need something with a high neural component… heavy, explosive or skill along with the pump work

Ok my big lift example is deadlift, squat, bench, should i change rep and scheme every week like 3x5,5x5,3x6,54321 !? Or i can keep the same big lift ?

And what about the pump work, triple set, supersets, change reps every week ?