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Neuro Type 2A and Best Damn Workout

Hey CT, im definitly a neuro type 2A, i would like to know if its good for me to try your best damn workout with my type ?

or do you have a program set for this kind of neuro type ? i took a look at the appocalyps zombie and i dont have space for the sprint and long distance farmer walk.

thank you for your time. I only want to know how to set up a program for my type

Nah the best damn is not for you… Zombie apocalypse is better.

2A everything works… but not for long. 2A need a lot of variation. They also need both neuro and muscular stimulations… explosive, heavy and mind muscle work

by variation you mean change up the program every week, this week i did Big lift 3x6 explosive, lower the weight 1x6 explosive, assitance for 8 reps and finish with a isolation of 12 reps for the mind muscle work ! I had a great week but I dont know how to change it often and what to do ! i am missing something

and i looked at the apocalyspe i really like the principe of the training, but too much things i cant do at my gym…

do you have something easier to do but in the same way as this program ?

sorry for the spawn christian, i look at the hard body training for women and its perfect for me, i will be able to do it easily in my gym…but its for women…is it good or we need more for a man ?? thanks

It’s a bit complex to answer. The neurotyping approach has evolved a lot since the original articles.

2A needs variation… within the session, within the week, within the training block and from block to block.

Not necesarily changing everything, but they do need some change from week to week and have weekly sessions that do not all have the same feel.

And every 3-4 weeks they need to change to a totally different apprioach.

It works well for men too… just migth need to add some chest work

if its a bit complex to answer its really hard to understand for me. Something missing for me maybe the background but i dont know how to set up a training session who change everyday everyweek and with different approach.