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Neuro Questionnaire/Testing? Best Program for Pure Bodybuilding?

Hi, CT. Big fan since you first appeared on T-Nation. Two questions:
I see myself, and so many people I speak with, falling in between two or three Neuro types. Other than the Braverman, any other test that can be performed to help identify specific type and which type we are most dominant and least dominant in order to structure training more accurately?
Second question, based on a purely aesthetic goal, of all the training programs you’ve written, would you say “the fastest way to get jacked” would be the most effective, provided it not be done for a long duration? I know your principles have evolved and changed so I’d understand if you’re unable to come up with a definitive answer.
Thank you.

Is that the 6-weeks to superman routine? If not, can you link?

“The Fastest Way To Get Jacked” is on his forum @ Thib Army

I’m sure that rocks as well but I was leaning towards programs published here or elsewhere.
I don’t have the $$ to spend:(

Still, I am reading the helpful writing