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Neuro Mixed Type Help/Confirmation

CT. I took the test and I have total points 109/neuro2b & 130/neuro3. The Main & Secondary Scores are only a few points difference(51/53 and 32/38). However, the “other” category showed 13 more points in type 3.

The other neuro types total points are in low 50s to 70s so I assume the arent very relevent at this point.

Would you consider this a mixed 2B/3 type or just 3? If it is mixed, which diet type would you recommend? Thanks

If we go neurotransmitters per neurotransmitters I would say that you are:

Low serotonin
High glutamate
Moderate/low acetylcholine
Low dopamine sensitivity
High adrenaline but low sensivity

This would make you a type 3 BUT with 2b traits due to high glutamate, likely from stress or nutrition factors.

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thank you for reply.

I will focus on the type3 nutrition. Agree with the 2b traits regarding nutrition. may come from the occasional MSG in food here in Asia

Since we can now dismiss2b training, I will focus on 1A/3 type training since i have the ACTN3 gene.

It TOTALLY comes from MSG in foods.

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thats for qualifying that/MSG

Everybody has the ACTN3 gene :wink: You mean that you have the ACTN3 RR gere.

Yes, I made a post earlier on how Type 3 with the ACTN3 RR gene should train.

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yes, ACTN3 RR, lol. Thanks again. will search out the post.