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Neuro-Mass by Jon Bruny

Anyone ever read Neuro-Mass by Jon Bruny? Basically it’s a program that supposedly maximizes strength, builds mass, maximizes conditioning, and ensures power. He gets you to do what he calls ‘neuro-sets’ which consist of:

A grinding movement
A speed/explosive movement
An isometric movement

I heard about it on a Ben Greenfield fitness podcast and I’m considering doing it after I max out strength gains on my current 5X5 program. It does sound pretty brutal and I get how it builds mass, conditioning and power.

My question though, is about building strength. Since you’re only using bodyweight and kettlebells, can you actually get stronger?

Eager to hear your thoughts.

Depends on your starting point. Eventually you’ll reach your potential with the load placed upon your body and in order to get “stronger” a heavier load would be needed.

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The shit he does look more like circus tricks to me: http://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/kpcnews.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/b/8e/b8e27b6e-4284-11e4-9520-001a4bcf6878/542067f65d6d4.image.jpg

There’s not really much video of him doing stuff. I don’t know who he’s trained that’s impressive. I can’t find any info that he actually competed in any kind of real competition.

I would avoid it.

When you “max out” your strength gains on your 5x5 program, add more volume. Do 6x5. And look into periodization. Follow some programs by known reputable people.


Agree with goochadamg for the most part.


These aren’t really new sets. This kind of tri-set, or at least the concept, has been around for years in the athletic sports training circles. Christian Thibaudeau even wrote his own program utilizing similar concepts: 6 weeks to Superhero.

Given that Christian has trained a lot more known athletes than the other guy, I’d go with CT’s program. I’m biased, as he’s been one of my major influences in training and coaching, but I don’t think you can go wrong.

But yeah, those kinds of training concepts aren’t new at all in the athletic development world.

Also I generally prefer the speed/explosive movement first before the slow strength movement to prime motor unit firing rates. Depends on the speed movement though as well as the primary goal of the workout or training block/month.