neuro concotions

I am trying to find a good pre-wokout cocktail (ephedrine free) I heard that power drive is good but is there anything else anyone would recommend with it before workout??? whats is the best way to take it ( water, juice, club soda???)

When I was cycling off ephedrine, I stacked PD with Vinpocetine (a little hard to find, but GNC and Beyond a Century both carry it, and I believe Enzymatic Therapy just came out with a Vinpocetine product) and this worked quite well. I suppose others such as acetyl l-carnitine and phosphatidylserine would be good too but they’re a bit pricey.

300-400mg of Phosphatidylserine & Power Drive preworkout; Bacopa every day. I don’t like Vinpocetine, because as an athlete my circulation is excellent, so I don’t want to take any more vasodilators (other than the Gingko thats in PD)

I believe that Charles Poliquin likes to use Phosphatidylserine, he says that it gives him an ephedra-like buzz. Just wondering why you don’t want to use any ephedrine? If if is blood pressure that you are concerned about than I wouldn’t recommend including 100mg of caffine (I know, I know), but if your BP is fine that is a great combo. Also, Ian King recommends washing power drive down with some club soda-it increases the pH of the stomach, thus aiding absorbsion. And then you can try my favorite, powerdrive mixed with mountain dew.

I like stacking PowerDrive with “Ice” a glutamine peptide/BCAA powder and 1-2 capsules of Cognamine.

Siberian Ginseng & L-Arganine, I dont get an actual buz but feel energetic.

Are you sure you guys aren’t talking about Phosphatidylcholine? Phosphatidylserine is the anti cortisol stuff.